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  • How to differentiate product features from benefits and why you should use the latter in marketing

  • How to choose the online platform to sell your physical or digital products

  • Where you can outsource freelancers for affordable rates to help with your marketing campaignsA

  • How you can avoid losing money by adding a practical, must-do step to your process

  • How to boost your credibility through social proof


Founder & Chief Trainer, Writing Hacks Academy

Jonah Chipeco

Asian Writerpreneur Jonah Chipeco teaches principles in writing, content marketing, and productivity. As a writing trainer, she has taught over 10,000 professionals since 2016. Her tips and workshops were featured by media outfits such as Inc. Southeast Asia, Marketing in Asia, Business Mirror, DWBL 1242, and Eagle News PH. Jonah is currently the Founder and CEO of Writing Hacks Academy.

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