Clueless about building your email list?

Stuck in conceptualizing your lead magnet? Communicating back and forth with a freelancer to write an e-book for your ethical bribe?

You’re about to discover surprising ideas you can offer to your website visitor as a lead magnet.

Lead magnets are also called "ethical bribes" offering valuable information to your prospective client in exchange for an email address.

Its goal is to increase the number of target leads with whom you can eventually share your online products or services.

Online marketers think that they have to stick with ebooks and reports as lead magnets. They spend a long time creating a giveaway. 

But that's not true.

I actually create lead magnets in 24 hours or less.

Want to know how I did it? Continue reading for some tips!

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How to Choose Your Lead Magnet

There are many types of opt-in offers out there. You only have to choose which content or format:

✓ Works for you.

Promoting your coaching business should be something you’re excited about. If you‘re dragging yourself to write and finish a white paper, there may be other ways to attract potential subscribers while sparking the joy and energy in you.

✓ Is suitable for the service you offer and your market.

Imagine a freelance graphic designer writing an e-book titled “How to Design a Simple Poster Using Canva”. The designer will attract those who want to learn from his tutorial videos and probably enroll in learning courses.

But if the designer’s target customers are marketing managers who would want to outsource projects offering “a free design sample” or “consultation call” would be more appealing.

✓ Actually builds your list.

Before creating this giveaway I’m about to share with you, I made a simple e-book cover and posted my concept in a Facebook Group of online entrepreneurs. By the time I received 20 comments asking for a copy, that’s only the time I started writing the content.

Many online entrepreneurs and coaches would spend thousands to produce a report or white papers freebie. However, their business isn't moving and their email list isn't growing. Are you one of them?


I want to share with you an awesome resource I created so you can finally launch and market your lead magnet idea to see how it can build your email list…

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About the Product Creator

By the way, my name is Jonah Chipeco. I'm a marketer, entrepreneur, and online coach like you. I created this PDF guide because I understand you have many other important tasks in building your business:

  • Creating a sales page...
  • Writing your email newsletters...
  • Building your online course...
  • Preparing your marketing plan...
  • and so on.

Founder & Chief Trainer, Writing Hacks Academy

Jonah Chipeco

Asian Writerpreneur Jonah Chipeco teaches principles in writing, content marketing, and productivity. As a writing trainer, she has taught over 10,000 professionals since 2016. Her tips and workshops were featured by media outfits such as Inc. Southeast Asia, Marketing in Asia, Business Mirror, DWBL 1242, and Eagle News PH. Jonah is currently the Founder and CEO of Writing Hacks Academy.

This e-book can help you…

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  • View opt-in forms of more than 50 websites and various online businesses which you can replicate;

  • Find out what content type, format, or name to use for your lead magnet to increase its perceived value.

Learn 52 Lead Magnet Ideas to Attract Email Subscribers

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