Course Goals

At the end of the course, you'll be able to...

  • Write content that will help you to have clients or land on remote content writing work.

  • Learn advanced strategies on how you will be able to attract more clients through setting up a portfolio site, blogging, and social media posts

  • Build good rapport with existing clients to get more projects

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Course Inclusions

  • Option of lifetime or one-year access to recorded video lessons

  • Downloadable worksheets and PDF reports

  • Certificate of Completion

Want to shift from your current career, but you find it hard to study how to be a freelance content writer?

Want to pursue freelance writing full-time career, but you find it challenging to look for clients or have steady remote work?

Dear Aspiring Content Writer,

If there's one lesson that the pandemic has taught us, now is the best time to upskill. Uncertainty is part of the new normal.

With the economic impacts of the pandemic in the world market, the future is uncertain.  

You see companies declaring bankruptcy, laying off staff, and putting off production.

If you're currently looking for an alternative source of income or finding some job security, I want you to know that your employability is not dependent on the economy or company.

It comes to your ability to find clients and land on a job.

Content writing is one of the best options that you have...

  • Because people are now buying online, businesses hire content writers to go on top of Search Engine Results.
  • Businesses are now creating their content hub to update their customers with the new changes that are coming in.
  • People look for new content every day. Businesses are shifting to adapt to new demands.
  • Content helps companies to take a position that can easily elevate their existence in the digital world.

If you are ready to pursue content writing as your full-time job or your alternative source to augment your income, I'd like to invite you to our course:

Content Writing Essentials

Your Fool-Proof Starter Pack in Launching Your Career as a Freelance Content Writer


In this course, you will learn...

1. The real concept of Content Writing

  • The definition of content writing in the webspace
  • The types of content writing jobs and its difference from one another
  • the variation of content writing from other writing gigs
  • The job description of a freelance content writer

2. Understanding the required additional skills that content writers must have aside from having a good writing skill (BECAUSE A GOOD WRITING SKILL NEEDS REINFORCEMENTS)

  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Topic Research

3. Find where to get content writing jobs and how to land on them

  • online job marketplaces
  • job boards

Check the lessons here

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • How to Use Your Course Dashboard

    • Instructions

    • Introduction

  • 2

    Content Writing Definition and Jobs

    • What is content writing?

    • The definition of content writing

    • Content writing jobs you can apply for

  • 3

    Generalist Versus Specialist

    • What kind of writer should you be?

    • What is a generalist writer?

    • What is a specialist writer?

    • Generalist vs Specialist

    • Finding your specialty

    • Bonus: Validating your niche

  • 4

    Good Content and Helpful Tools

    • What are parts of a good content?

    • How to format and structure your content

    • How to improve your grammar

    • Adding depth to your writing

    • Other things you need to consider

    • Editorial guidelines

  • 5

    Basic Pricing Strategies

    • How should you set your asking price?

    • Determine the lowest price you should charge

    • When should you increase your rate?

    • When should you decrease your rate?

  • 6

    Marketing Your Services

    • Where to can get content writing jobs?

    • Setting up your website

    • Getting clients through referrals

    • How to apply for writing jobs

    • Promoting yourself through blogging

    • Promoting yourself through social media

  • 7

    Content Writer Workflow

    • How to get more writing jobs and clients

    • Proving effectiveness of your content

    • How to research for keyword topics

    • Email Templates: Article Topics and Ranking Content

  • 8

    Inbound Marketing Strategies

    • How to receive inbound inquiries through guest posting and web ranking

    • Creating a website that ranks

    • Guest posting

    • How to develop reverse silos or content clusters on website

  • 9

    Non-Writing Essentials

    • What other non-writing activities do I need to know?

    • Choose the right Internet plan

    • Find the right computer/laptop setup

    • Designate your work area

    • Determine the word processor that fits your style

    • How to be productivity?

    • Find the right tools for your content

    • What are the different payment gateways?

    • Payment conditions

    • What is a "premium" client?

    • Speaker's final message

    • Freelance Content Writing Checklist and Notes

By the way, we don't want to attract students who are only interested in content writing for profit. We're looking for aspiring freelancers who has a purpose:

  • Pursue their passion
  • Spend more time with family
  • Have time flexibility yo give back to their community.

If any of these is your motivation, we invite you to become a full-time freelance content writer!

This course would help if you were equipped with the essentials to navigate your path successfully. With millions of people looking for work right now, you need to upskill and stand out.

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About Your Instructor

Christopher Jan Benitez

Freelance Writer for Hire

Christopher Jan Benitez

Christopher Jan Benitez is a freelance writer for hire who specializes in the digital marketing field. His work has been published on highly acclaimed SEO and affiliate marketing-specific websites. As an online writer for 14 years and counting, he continues to provide his writing services and SEO expertise to organizations and clients from all over the world. Outside of his writing ventures, he is a loving husband and family and two, enjoys heavy metal music, and plays terrible guitar.

Words About Your Instructor

Insightful and Relevant

Katrina Nocom, Hotelier / PR

If you're planning to start a career in content writing but in doubt if this type of job is right for you, then this course is for you. It gives you insights on the different content writing opportunities, tools that can help you improve your write-ups, and tips on how you can land a job and eventually get more clients. The author of this course is very generous and open to share his personal experiences and how he's reaping the benefits of content writing as a profession. Moreover, this course is very timely, offering an option and opportunity for many, especially now that most people prefer working virtually and from home.

Expert-Level Information

Mariel Abamo, Digital Marketer, Gabay.PH

The course tackles the core of how content writing works. It doesn't only provide tips on how I can write better and market myself but also talks about what surrounds the online content world. I, myself, have written for clients before so I am familiar with how some things work. And I can see that the insights provided in this course are obviously from someone who's been in the industry for a long time so most of the information I learned is new to me.

Offers the essentials and more!

Tanya Porras, Writer

The course contains everything you need to know about launching a successful career in content writing. As the name suggests, the course covers the essentials in content writing. You'll learn what type of writer you are, what makes good content, where to get content writing jobs — and how to get more jobs, pricing strategies, and more.

High Quality Content Writer for Digital Marketing

Charles Floate,

I've spent a few years working with Christopher now, and if you need high quality content for the digital marketing space then there's no other guy that'll give you as good of a bang for your buck as Christopher will!

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