Unlock Opportunities with Effective Business Writing Skills!

This online course aims to help you...

  • Understand the business writing process, style, and characteristics of effective correspondences.

  • Learn to structure business letters, memos, emails, and minutes of the meeting to get the feedback you want.

  • Practice use of positive and professional language in written communication.

Here's exactly what you'll get

  • Option of one-year or lifetime access to your course dashboard

  • Recorded video lessons for each module

  • Downloadable and printable PDF workbook (30 pages)

  • Bonus templates for letters, memos, meeting agenda and minutes of the meeting

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • How to Use Your Course Dashboard

    • Instructions

    • Introductory Survey

  • 2

    Introduction to Business Writing

  • 3

    How to Write According to Your Purpose

    • What are the different goals in writing?

    • How can I write request letters that will get the attention of my reader?

    • Activity: Analyze the Sender

    • What techniques can I use in delivering bad news?

    • What are your tips in writing good news and neutral messages?

    • Explainer Video: Writing to Inform

    • How can we write to persuade?

    • Explainer Video with Samples: Meeting Request and Follow-up Letter

    • Business Writing Quiz #2

  • 4

    How to Write Using the Proper Business Writing Style Guide

    • How Can I Write Clear Messages That My Readers Will Understand?

    • Should I Write Using Active or Passive Voice?

    • How Can I Keep My Messages Concise?

    • How Can I Use a Conversational Tone in Writing?

    • How Can I Write Cohesive Messages?

    • What are the rules in using common punctuation marks?

    • Business Writing Assignment #1

    • Business Writing Assignment #1 (Answers)

  • 5

    How to Structure Your Communication

    • What are the different types of business letters?

    • Explainer Video: Parts of a Business Letter (Part 1)

    • Business Writing Quiz #3: Test Your Knowledge

    • Explainer Video: Parts of a Business Letter (Part 2)

    • Business Writing Assignment #2

    • Business Writing Assignment #2 (Answers)

    • What's the different types and parts of a memo?

    • Explainer Video: Writing Memos

    • What are guidelines in writing a memo?

    • Business Writing Assignment #3.

    • Business Writing Assignment #3 (Answers)

    • How do I write an agenda and meeting minutes?

    • Explainer Video: Sample Agenda and Minutes of the Meeting

  • 6

    How to Write Effective Business Emails

    • What basic email etiquette tips should I follow?

    • When is it proper to use the CC and BCC fields?

    • How can I write effective subject lines?

    • Business Writing Assignment #4

    • Business Writing Assignment #4 Answers

  • 7

    How to Edit and Proofread Your Document

    • What's the difference between editing and proofreading?

    • Business Writing PDF Report_Common Grammar Mistakes

    • Writing Skills Assessment

    • Business Writing Quiz #4

  • 8


    • Course Summary


Practical and Easy to Follow

Michelle Abdon, Business Process Consultant

Jonah Chipeco has an easy-to-follow teaching style. Her tips are concise and can be readily used after the course. Practical and effective!


Migz Trinidad, Executive Assistant

I love how informative the topics are especially when the process in writing business letters was explained.

Concrete Examples

Kate Nava, Research Specialist

The examples used were concrete. I learned new techniques and became aware of my mistakes in sending emails.

Worth the Money

Lyle Mabalot, Freelancer

Not all professionals are great at what they do. Jonah is extremely well-versed with her craft. She knows what she's doing and will give you your money's worth.


Grace Dequina, Accountant

Excellent topic! Great trainer and teaching skills. Very comprehensive course.

Message from Your Business Writing Coach

Dear Professional,

How's your day? 

Did you finish that letter and email your boss asked you to send? You've been thinking about it since it was assigned to you. The number of drafts shows your attempts to write those two. 

You've been trying your best. You even looked for an old email and letter to serve as your guide since a template was not available. But you still couldn't finish.

Oh, by the way, have you started the memo that you need to route after the board meeting? Your director needs it in three days, right? 

The last time you drafted one, your superior totally edited it. It was overhauled! Nothing from what you have written was retained.

You know little about business writing, yet you're giving it a shot because your job demands you to write.

You feel lost.

You didn't have proper training because your department expects you to learn it yourself.  

Now, you visit your good comrade – Google search. Looking for a sample that you can mimic to accomplish your workload. 

What do you do for work?

Maybe, you're a secretary in a government agency. Memos and letter writing are what you eat for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. You feel inadequate because you used to be an Accountant - numbers are your friends. Words are merely your acquaintance. 

Or maybe, you're a Mass Communications graduate. Business Writing was the least priority back then. You had productions and internships; those were the main thing. 

You knew how to write letters for solicitation and requests for permission. However, it was in a freestyle format. The guidelines for workplace communication are different.

Now that you're in your new job, your outputs return to you with red-ink on it, pointing out the corrections that you need to do.

I totally understand what you feel. 

Have you ever wondered how it would be to write emails and letters on your own without copying from a default template?

Do you want to write a Rockstar memo that would surely pass your superior's keen eye to details? 

Tired of spending time on revisions that you could have spent more productively?

Let me introduce you to Writing Hacks Academy's signature course, Business Writing Pro.

Business Writing Pro

Write effective business letters, emails, memos, and minutes of the meeting.


Who are we looking for as registrants?

The course is designed to teach those who write for both internal and external audiences. 

  • career starters

  • employees (private or public sector)

  • freelancers

  • entrepreneurs

Don't worry, experience in business writing is not a requirement. 

The lessons are comprised of general principles suitable for all levels of expertise.

This workshop is ideal for...

  • Professionals who want to build their confidence in business writing.

  • Professionals who aspire to build rapport with their co-workers and leave a positive impression among clients or suppliers.

  • Professionals looking for simple and easily understood lessons applicable for their writing tasks

Interested in joining our online course? Register now to avail our promo rate.

Rooting for your success,

Jonah Chipeco

Course Author, Business Writing Pro

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About Your Business Writing Coach

Founder & Chief Trainer, Writing Hacks Academy

Jonah Chipeco

Asian Writerpreneur Jonah Chipeco teaches principles in writing, content marketing, and productivity. As a writing trainer, she has taught over 10,000 professionals since 2016. Her tips and workshops were featured by media outfits such as Inc. Southeast Asia, Marketing in Asia, Business Mirror, DWBL 1242, and Eagle News PH. Jonah is currently the Founder and CEO of Writing Hacks Academy.

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Business Writing Pro

Understand the business writing process, style, and characteristics of effective correspondences.